RedDAY Stories

Denise Case - RedDAY Stories

Denise’s Story

“I don’t want to stop doing what I’m doing, because I feel like I’ve been given a second chance.”

John Annis - RedDAY Stories

John’s Story

“I lost complete faith in my body. My body let me down. It was very depressing and upsetting and I felt like a victim.”

Kathy Herd - RedDAY

Kathy’s Story

“You never think it’s going to happen to you, right? I thought I was fine. I thought I was healthy…I had no symptoms at all.”

Meredith - RedDAY Stories

Meredith’s Story

“Early on it just felt like I was really tired…I would be working out and I just couldn’t push myself any harder.”

Dianne - RedDAY Stories

Dianne’s Story

“I thought I had a virus. I was not afraid at the moment of my heart attack, I didn’t think that I was dying…I didn’t know the signs.”

Paul Allan - RedDAY Stories

Paul’s Story

“You know, I was so fit. I was so healthy. I was doing triathlons. The discovery of heart disease was a real blow to the ego.”

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